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Our Clients:

John has consulted for

- SRI International (Stanford Research Institute)

- NASA Headquarters

- NBS (The National Bureau of Standards)

- Bell Labs

- Sprint

- General Electric

- American Film Technologies (they did animation for Steven Spielberg; film colorization for Ted Turner)

- ATR Interpreting Telephone Research Labs (Kyoto, Japan)

- JPL (NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories)

Case Histories:

Client: JPL (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories)
Project: System Integration of a Humanoid Robot
Challenge: Create and integrate stereo vision, walking legs, moving and grasping arms, speech recognition and generation, and A.I. control, so as to build a walking, talking robot.
Click here for details, including movie
Client: Kyocera
Project: Design and produce cell phone games

Click here for details

Client: NASA Ames
Project: Design and produce a working alpha "Hypothesis Browser" Informatics Website.
It compresses eight layers of information down into three screens. You can see it here.
Insect-Inspired Robots Acting Together in Loosely-Coordinated Swarms
Challenge: Create the software for a simulated "tiny bug" robot that works together in swarms to accomplish a useful task. Click here for details.
Visualization of Organs in a Torso
Challenge: Segment and model bones, muscle, tissue, and the heart, using only unlabeled data taken from a CAT scan.
Click here for details, including movie

Bio Visualization proof-of-concept demo.

Click here to view animation on your website.
Also check here for DNA live animation.
Animation only uses JavaScript, and uses no plugins.

ERP Truck Dispatching Ajax demo written in PHP and JS, uses simple A.I. planning here

Various Computer Graphics and Rendering projects from 1980 through modern times here.