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JPL (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories):

System Integration of a Humanoid Robot (2006 early technology)

 Abridged short version: 4 min.
The very slow parts have been edited out for speed.


 Total duration of crash research project, including filming and reports:
under 4 months


  • Overall Design of Humanoid Robot Software
  • Stereo Vision
  • Object Models
  • Closed-Form Left/Right Arm and Leg Solutions
  • Kinematic (Constant Balance) Walking, Stepping, Turning, Bending
  • Grasp Planning, Insertion Planning
  • Speech Input
  • Force Processing Routines
  • Rule-based Strategic Action Controller
  • Vision-Driven Motions
  • Integrated System Architecture
Integration of Existing Capabilities:
  • Raw joint drivers for encoder reading and setpoint setting
  • Raw vision drivers for signal input and frame grabbing
  • Raw force drivers for acquiring hardware signals
System Design: