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Representative Publications:

in pubmed: BioBIKE: A Web-based, programmable, integrated biological knowledge base, with J. Elhai et al., Nucleic Acids Research, 2009, V.37

System Integration of a Humanoid Robot Testbed, Prepared for Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Task Order# NMO715843, Sequoia, 2006.

An Agent-Based Approach to Natural-Language Understanding of Conversations for an Interpreting Telephone, ISKIT’92 Inter. Symp. on Nat. Language Understanding and AI, 1992

B-SURE: A Believed Situation and Uncertain-Action Representation Environment, COLING-92, the 14th International Conference on Computational Linguistics, Nantes, France, 1992

An Introduction to Planning and Meta-Decision-Making with Uncertain Nondeterministic Actions using 2nd-Order Probabilities, First International Conf. on AI Planning Systems, College Park, MD, 1992

A Project Report on NP: An ATMS-Based Plan Inference System that uses Feature Structures, COLING-90, the 13th International Conference on Computational Linguistics, Helsinki, Finland, 1990

Final Report on a Hypothesis Browser Prototype, Prepared for NASA Ames Research, Reference #4200293166, Sequoia Consulting, 2009.

Multi-Agent Communication and Commitment and The BEHOLDER family of algorithms for scheduling multiple parallel uncertain processes for natural-language processing under limited-resource conditions, ATR TR-I-0370, 1993

The FLAIL Expert System Shell Manual, ATR TR-I-0343, 1993

The NP (Natural-language Plan-inference system) Manual, Version 3.1, ATR TR-I-0367, 1993

The B-SURE Manual, Version 2.3, ATR TR-I-0369, 1993

A Theory of Intentional Action under Uncertainty as Applied to Physical and Communicative Actions, IEEE International Workshop RO-MAN, Tokyo, 1992

Plan Inference with Probabilistic-Outcome Actions, Information Processing Soc. of Japan, 1991

Methods for Handling Spoken Interruptions for an Interpreting Telephone, IEICE Technical Report NLC-90, Tokyo, Japan, 1990

NP: An Assumption-Based NL Plan Inference System that uses Feature Structures, Meeting of the Information Processing Society of Japan, 1990

The FS-LF (Feature Structure to Logical Form Translator) Manual, Version 1.2, ATR TR-I-0162, 1990

“How to build Intentional Autonomous Agents”, invited lecture, 1st MULTRAN-90 Colloquium, Kyuushuu Institute of Technology, 1990

An Assumption-Based Plan Inference System for Conversation Understanding, WGNL Meeting of the IPSJ, Okinawa, Japan, 1989

System Integration of a Telerobotic Demonstration System (TDS) Testbed, Proc.Space Operations-Automation and Robotics Workshop, 1987

A Robotic Simulator with Collision Detection:RCODE, Proc. of the ROBEXS Robotics and Expert Systems, 1985

ZAPR: A Z-Buffer-Based Algorithm for Projected-Light Rangefinder Simulation, SME Robotics Systems in Aerospace, Los Angeles, 1985.

Multiarm Collision Avoidance using the Potential-Field Approach, SPIE Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision & Space Station Automation, 1985.

A Supervisory Collision-Avoidance System for Robot Controllers, ASME Robotics Research and Advanced Applications, 1982.