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  1. Project Management & Code Development
    • Developed top-down "Mission-Based Coding" paradigm, incorporating Agile Spiral approach
    • Managed up to 20 professionals in 1 or 2 tiers for four years, creating embedded cell phone games for Kyocera hardware
    • Contract PM for JPL NASA humanoid robot software development project
    • Contract PM for NASA Ames informatics project
  2. Robotics
    • Created collision-free path-planning system for multiple robot arms holding parts
    • Created robot simulator system
    • Wrote IK routines for both arms and legs
    • Created entire architecture of a humanoid robot that used binocular model-based computer vision and A.I.
  3. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
    • Built action planning / scheduling system for SRI International
    • Created ATMS (Assumption-Based Truth Maintenance System)
  4. Natural Language Understanding
    • Created a domain-action-based conversation-understanding system for ATR Interpreting Telephone, as part of a speech-to-speech Japanese-to-English automatic translation basic research effort. Worked for five years in Kyoto, Japan.
    • Created a Dialogue Management system for financial conversations.
  5. Knowledge Engineering & Expert Systems
    • Created real-time inference engine in C++. Used it to drive a humanoid robot for space research.
    • Created FLAIL expert-system language in Lisp. Used it to recognize and understand conversations.
    • Created an embedded expert system for a communications crossbox-verification-tool prototype for a subcontractor to Harris.
    • Interviewed leaders of Sprint departments and created business-object models of operations
  6. Machine Learning
    • Created a k-means system to recommend advertising
    • Created a k-NN system to predict tastes and recommend products
    • Ran sentiment analysis on English NL blog postings
  7. Cognitive Systems
    • Designed conversing, intentional autonomous agent architectures
    • Created a NL-based small business advisor
    • Created a responsive multi-agent system that guessed the intentions of other non-communicating agents
  8. System Design
    • Designed 32-submodule system for NASA JPL
    • Designed informatics website for NASA Ames
    • Designed speech disambiguation and understanding system for ATR Interpreting Telephone
  9. Virtual Humans
    • Designed conversing 3D human museum presentation system for interfaith initiative
  10. Computer Vision
    • Created model-based color stereo object location/identification system for JPL
    • Programmed usage of ceiling-based and hand-based cameras for a distributed robot station
  11. Probability
    • Created 2nd-order probability mathematics for solving uncertainty problems having to do with meta-decisions (e.g. multi-arm bandit problems)
    • Bayesian reasoning
  12. Parallel Systems Dispatching & Scheduling
    • Created multi-agent heterogeneous parallel-system dispatching system for tasks with uncertain values, rather similar to MAP / REDUCE
  13. Speech Recognition & Generation
    • Produced efforts to capture voice phonemes.
    • Created system for disambiguation of spoken language parses.
    • Integrated speech recognition and speech generation into a robot.
  14. 3D Graphics
    • Produced various 3D graphics initiatives, from conceptual design, through modeling, textures, to animation
  15. Computer Game Development
    • Created arcade games
    • Created games for cell phones
  16. Telephony
    • Sprint circuit planning, load balancing
    • Verizon BREW games
  17. Cell Phone Application Development
    • Created embedded cell phone games for Kyocera, the world's #8 largest maker of handsets. Contracts ran over five years.
  18. Financial Systems, Financial Structuring
    • Created expert system to evaluate fundamentals and value stocks
    • Created machine-learning system to recognize when the market is out of balance.
  19. Bioinformatics
    • Helped maintain the Lisp-based biology encyclopedia for SRI International.
    • Created a prototype genome browser.
    • Created a quadratic-time large-molecule "atom matcher" that sped up the previous factorial-time design.
    • Created Ajax-driven front end for BioBike general-purpose Lisp bioinformatics computation tool
    • Building annotation tool for Phantome bioinformatics database
  20. Linguistics & Semantics
    • Analyzed Speech Acts in Japanese dialogues for ATR Interpreting Telephone.
    • Created semantic understanding system for a conference-registration domain.
  21. Marketing, Branding, and Viral P.R.
    • Directed design of branding for a startup ring-tone company. Directed marketing roll-out efforts.
    • Directed magazine ad campaign for startup's travel information product.
    • Directed post-card direct-mailing campaign for accountant's practice launch.
  22. Industrial Flow Optimization
    • Analyzed an entire 400-person computer-assisted film production company, American Film Technologies. Provided improvements that led to 55% drop in network traffic, and a 70% drop in disk usage, thereby significantly improving the throughput and efficiency of the company as a whole.
  23. Small Business Strategy
    • Designed $2M strategy for a startup company.
  24. Computer Language Design
    • Created expert system language FLAIL.
    • Created Knowledge/Action Representation Language K/ARL.
    • Helped design & create, and implemented, nested-boxes visual programming language for front end for BIOBIKE.
    • Wrote parsers for various languages.
  25. Philosophy, Logic, Ontologies
    • Created five-valued logic (Actual, Possible, Hypothetical, Inconsistent, Unknown) for multi-agent interaction knowledge representation. Published paper in COLING.
    • Corrected fallacies in BDI theory.
    • Created ontologies for business, stock conversations.
  26. Emotional Communication
    • Trained in transformational short course design.
    • Copy writing for long-form and short-form ads.
  27. MySQL / PHP / Ajax Web Production
    • Created (directed/produced) deeply-nested JS database / web site for NASA Ames informatics project.
    • Created deeply-nested 3-tier Ajax website front end (visual programming language) for a general-purpose Lisp-driven bioinformatics computational tool for a Virginia Commonwealth University project.
  28. Books, Media, Sound Production
    • Created hardback and paperback books.
    • Created multimedia CD-ROM.
    • Created music, speech soundtracks.
  29. Teaching, Mentoring
    • Taught short course in 3D kinematics and computer graphics at Westwood College
    • Mentored employees and grad students in various technologies. One mentee doubled her salary after one year. Another legally blind mentee sought help for PTSD and was able to lead a functional life after my mentoring.