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Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language


* Created walking, talking humanoid robot for NASA JPL for basic research on moon structure assembly
* 7 years in basic research as a robotics/vision staff consultant for SRI International
* Created collision-free path-planning system for multiple robot arms holding objects
* System integration of a 3-arm robotic satellite repair testbed for JPL

Artificial Intelligence

* Conversation understanding system for automatic translation between Japanese and English
* Expert system for small business management
* Assumption-based Truth Maintenance System for possible-worlds reasoning for a knowledge extraction system

Natural Language

* Deep semantics, speech act, and domain-plan understanding system for a conference registration task
* Speech-recognition disambiguation system at the surface-semantics parse-tree level
* Sentiment analysis of postings on a Sears blog

Commercial Applications

Embedded Systems

* Created some of the first cell phone games in America, for Kyocera, the world's #8 handset manufacturer. These were built in at the factory, shipping from 2001-2004, including such games as Cavern Crawl, Mystic I Ching, and numerous versions of Tetris.

Computer Arcade Game Development

* Designed and produced such computer arcade games as Slugger's Alley, found in Dave & Buster's nationwide, for leading distributor Lazer-Tron.

User Interface Design

* Coin-operated games live and die by how easy, intuitive, and compelling their user interface is. A good user interface must be instantly understandable, even to young children. I designed the user interfaces for all of our games.


ATM Permanent-Circuit Load Balancing & Provisioning

* Designed and implemented a distributed 3-tier provisioning system for Sprint. This used an original algorithm to search for the best path for a long-distance circuit to take, in order to balance loads on the network as well as possible. It then set up the circuit, using a series of ATM switches across the nation.

Crossbox Verification

* Designed an embedded expert system for a crossbox verification tool.