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Cell Phone Games Built In At The Factory


 Total duration of project: renewed repeatedly for approx. 4 years


  • My company was one of the first companies in the world to make games for cell phones after "Snake"
  • We were given a check and a mandate: "Create a game that looks like an arcade video game, and create a game based on words." That was the sum total of the instructions.
  • We created original games Cavern Crawl and Mystic I Ching.
  • First generation screens were 89 x 57 pixels, binary (no shades of grey)
  • We created complex, compelling, fun games even under those limitations
  • Our company also produced Tetris, Doodler, and Race 21 exclusively for Kyocera for numerous black & white and color versions over a number of years
  • We produced international versions of games with different languages
  • Games were built in at the factory for Kyocera phones, not downloaded


  • Games had to be completely bullet-proof, close to mil-spec
  • Games had to run in multi-threaded environment
  • Games had to be developed to hard deadlines for marketing roll-out
  • Results were sold to millions of people